BOUNCE was founded in January 2013 by eight Edinburgh business owners who had been meeting regularly AND acting as Non-Executive Directors to each OTHER’s businesses.

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Bringing Opportunities, Uniting Non-Execs and Creating Exceptional Events.

Studies have shown that SME’s would spend money hiring a Non-Executive Director for their business often find that it can be cost prohibitive and selecting the right person to fit their organisation’s culture can be a challenge.
Our aim is to establish a number of boards, made up of business owners, that can act as Non-Executive Directors to each others businesses. This way each business can benefit from the varied skills and knowledge of up to eleven Non-Executive Directors.
It’s true that there are a lot of business organisations for you to choose from, however, you’ll find we are taking a different approach. BOUNCE is much more involved in the actual functioning of members’ businesses and focused on nurturing growth through collective knowledge and support.
There is also the tremendous benefit of being able to leverage the extended network contained within each board to grow each other’s businesses and make fully qualified and highly appropriate opportunity referrals. Across the organisation as a whole, the opportunities that will exist as we grow will be substantial.
Browse our website to find out more about why we exist, how we function as an organisation and where boards are currently meeting.


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