Bounce members and guests enjoyed a charming, entertaining and informative talk from Valvona & Crolla’s MD, Philip Contini, at the Crowne Plaze, Edinburgh. Philip shared his story of the iconic Edinburgh brand taking his audience from the family’s arrival, his ups and downs of running the business since 1986, the effects of the Second World War right up to the present day. His passion, hard working ethos and warm leadership style gave us all some ‘food for thought’ (pardon the pun!). His ability to adapt to challenging economic climates, diversify to counteract competition from supermarket chains and his persuasive approach to winning over his Edinburgh clientele who preferred to drink Claret over Italian wine was impressive! It’s no surprise that Valvona & Crolla has surpassed its 80th anniversary and become an Edinburgh household name. Thank you for a truly engaging talk Philip and not a PowerPoint slide in sight!