How it works?

A BOUNCE board is made up of a maximum of twelve business owners from a varied range of business sectors (one business owner from each sector, per board, to avoid any conflict of interest). The board is led by a Board Development Manager, he or she, themselves a business owner.

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The Boards meet twice a month over lunch, from 12 Noon to 2.00pm, currently in Edinburgh and Glasgow (depending on your preferred business location).

One meeting is ‘closed’, for members only, which provides an opportunity for member updates, troubleshooting and information sharing.

We also hold NXD Focus Sessions to spend time on a particular issue a business owner may have or perhaps a new venture they would like to discuss in more detail.

One meeting a month is ‘open’ to which guests, including clients, suppliers and business friends are invited and in time may become a member.

By invitation

Membership is by invitation and suitability to each board to ensure there is no conflict of interest. Typically, we accept business owners who have been in business for two to three years or more and have some resources under their belt.

Should you wish to attend a BOUNCE board meeting please click here and tell us a bit about you and your business and we will be in touch to arrange for you to be invited to one of our board meetings.

Tell us about you


glen“I use Bounce as part of my continual professional development; to be educated, informed but primarily to contribute to others around the table.”

Stephen Stormonth

Account Director, Glenavon Insurance Ltd


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